Welcome to Kung Food Panda, the home of Oriental Food Recipes

My name is Joe Stevens and my vision is to make Asian Food Recipes easily accessible and allow you to share in the joy of creating delicious and fresh food quickly and easily.

My love story began with a trip to Thailand after I finished school, I attended a cooking class in which I was walked through how to cook mind blowingly tasty food in a mind blowingly simple way. Following that I went back to Asia after University to discover more and sampled Chinese recipes, Malaysian recipes, Indonesian recipes and my personal favourite Vietnamese recipes. Not being able to get enough of Asian food I then lived in Hong Kong for 6 months sampling some of the most delicious Asian Cuisine on offer.

In my opinion Asian food recipes have it all, they are based around the five key pillars of food: Saltiness, sweetness, spicyness, sourness and bitterness. This allows asian food recipes to bring the pallette together in a wonderful explosion of taste - and this explosion has something for everyone.

Every single time I visited Asia I was blown away by the variety and freshness of the cuisines and their ability to bring people together and connect them through great flavours.

Following my experiences with Oriental Food I want to inspire you to indulge in the creation of asian cuisine through easy to follow asian food recipes recipes, so .... What are you looking for? 


Oriental Food Recipes